Hey everyone! We hope you have all had a buzzin’ bank holiday weekend.

We’re sure you have all seen the posts over the last few months about our new Seriously Buzzin’ Chilli and goji berry infused Acacia Honey! Well some of you lucky people have already tried it and our seriously in love with it so we thought it was about time we made it public to EVERYBODY!

To celebrate finally getting it out to you guys (we had to make sure it was up to our seriously buzzin’ standards) we are selling it at an introductory price of £4.99 for 1 month only! The usual RRP will be £6.49.

Come and be bee among the first to get your sticky mitts on this unique sweet and spicy treat. it literally goes on and in everything from super salads and halloumi to pizza and ice cream OR even stir some into your favourite hot drink (especially hot chocolate) also if your under the weather stick a load in some hot lemon and ginger water to create the perfect throat and nose clearing drink!!! its so versatile you need it in your life, come on EVERYBODY, BEE HAPPY