Gourmet Hot Sauces

These Gourmet Hot Sauces are of the highest quality ingredients and are of the highest quality taste and appearance too. They come in 4 different heats and flavours and come in large 250g hexagon bottles. You can also buy a gift set of 3 of your favourites to get your taste buds Seriously Buzzin’

The Dominator – Mr&Mrs b’s have teamed up with the amazing food charity “Dom’s food mission” to bring you a unique flavoured Apple and Avocado hot saucxe! Its subtly spiced and naturally sweet with a hint of nutmeg. Vegan friendly

The Cheeky Chick – She may be the weakest of the flock, but mess with this chick and get a serious kick! Aji Amarillo based hot sauce with a hint of scotch bonnet with a lovely spicy mustard flavour, perfect poured over salads, eggs or fish.

The Hardcore Hen – Don’t be deceived by this mother hen, she has been known to ruin most men! Scotch bonnet based hot sauce, seriously fruity. Perfect with your favourite meats or even goes lovely with jaffa cakes!

The Courageous Cock – He is the strongest of our flock, only the bravest should take on this cock! Scotch Bonnet and Moruga Scorpion based hot sauce. a real deep flavoured hot sauce with a slight smokiness of scorpion chilli. Perfect as a dipping sauce or adding to your favourite dishes to get them seriously buzzin’