bee happy honey

Bee Happy honey 220g

Here we have our gorgeous Acacia honey infused with our own unique blend of Goji berry and Chilli mash. The flavour of the Acacia honey is so delicate and citrus like it goes perfectly with the fruitiness and subtle goji berry and chilli flavours (Can you guess which chilli we use?) If you like seriously sweet with a happy medium heat then this is the perfect condiment for you and EVERYONE.

Pour me on everything from super salads and halloumi to your favourite pizza or ice cream! You can even stir me into your favourite hot drink, especially hot chocolate OR if your feeling under the weather you can stir me into some hot lemon and ginger water to give you the perfect throat and nose clearing drink. I’m such a versatile and yummy honey you NEED me in your life and together we can BEE HAPPY!

Heat level:


As we use Seriously Buzzin 100% natural ingredients, colours and heat levels may vary slightly. Packaging and labels are also subject to change.

Ingredients: Hungarian Acacia Honey, Chilli and Goji berry mash

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