Hardcore Hen – Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce 250g


Don’t be deceived by this mother hen,

she has been known to Ruin most men…

Her flavour comes from the Beautiful fresh Scotch Bonnet chilli, this gives her a very fresh and fruity taste along with hints of apple from the cider vinegar and sweetness from the Acacia honey to compliment.

Her heat level is an instant tingle which builds quickly to a good heat for most people and stays in your mouth rather than blowing out the back of your throat.

She goes beautifully smothered on your favourite meat, poured on fajitas or even as a dipping sauce for jaffa cakes!

Heat Level:

Hotter (4/5)

As we use Seriously Buzzin’ 100% natural ingredients, colours and heat levels may vary slightly. Packaging and labels are also subject to change.


Cider Vinegar*, Onion, Fresh Scotch Bonnets (24%), Celery, Acacia Honey*, Coconut Oil*, Fresh Lime Juice, Wholegrain Mustard*, Dijon Mustard*, Garlic, Pink Himalayan Salt*

Organic marked with *

Allergens marked in Bold

Weight 0.6 kg