Hi everyone,

What a great way to start 2018, with a NEW Hot Sauce!! Not only is our Apple & Avocado Hot Sauce new and unique BUT “The Dominator” also has a dual purpose! Not only is it going to make your food Seriously Buzzin’ with its 100% Natural Super food enriched ingredients, it is also in collaboration with our local Charity “Dom’s Food Mission” meaning a healthy % of all profits will go towards Dom’s Charity!

Their mission in short is this:

Dom’s food mission stops tonnes of food waste and feeds over 3000 mouths per month, from kids to adults, homeless to families. From the people, to the people!

To find out more from Dom’s please click HERE

To Donate direct please click HERE

We are so Buzzin’ for this new project and can’t wait to start giving back to the local community through Hot Sauce sales! What goes around comes around. Please get involved and make this great.

“Together we can DOMINATE food hunger forever”Dominator-logodoms-logoMr B and Dom20180113_174937