Hello Chilli fans around the world.


To the average person January the 22nd doesn’t mean anything more than another day BUT to all the Chilli heads around the Globe it marks World Chilli day!

The actual reason for it falling on this day is to commemorate Wilbur Scovilles Birthday (153 today)! If your reading this and DON’T know who this legend is then i suggest you re-think your complete Hot Sauce life and then go do some homework! In short he developed the Scoville scale which is how we measure the different levels of heat from one chilli to the next, very important when you only want a mild chilli to put in your dinner e.g  the Jalapeno (2500-5000 Scovilles) rather than using a super hot variety that will possibly melt your tongue AND your underwear e.g the Carolina Reaper (1.6 million-2.2 million Scovilles). This means more people can enjoy the wonderful Chilli and all its benefits by choosing the correct variety for your tolerance level! Thank you Mr Scoville.

To show our appreciation at Mr&Mrs B’s we have LOWERED all our prices online FOR GOOD! We want more and more people around the World to be able to enjoy the benefits of the amazing Chilli along with our 100% Natural, Highest quality Hot Sauces at affordable prices for EVERYONE!

Have a great day and let us know what Chilli inspired dishes you will be eating today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Wilbur Scoville!

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